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The society’s main goal is to provide opportunities for members to participate in archaeological fieldwork, such as archaeological excavations and metal detecting. While primarily providing the community with an opportunity to practice archaeology we also organises a programme of public lectures, field trips and other themed events. The society sends out a quarterly newsletter. 


Chair - Robert Falvey, MSc MA

Robert joined the team from Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery when the society approached the museum for support. Robert was eager to get back into the trenches after spending a few years away from archaeology. After graduating from University College, Cork (Ireland) with a BA in Archaeology, Robert went onto do an MSc in Zooarchaeology at Edinburgh University. Robert has a varied archaeological CV having excavated in the likes of Transylvania (Romania), Kerala (India), and Limerick (Ireland). Robert now works in the museum sector having recently graduated with an MA in Museum & Artefacts Studies from Durham University.  

“When I heard there was a community archaeological project starting up in the area I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Someone needs help organise the running of the society but I am happiest when I have a trowel in hand.”

Vice Chair - Simon Bamblett

Simon joined SHAAS after a friend cut out a tiny add in the local paper in February 2015. He was hoping to find like minded people and perhaps finally have a go at some archaeology. Simon has recently returned to full-time education and is hoping to register for a degree in Anthropology. Having risen throught the ranks as a volunteer Simon helps anybody that wants to receiving training in the varying areas of archaeology from simple  troweling techniques, filling out context forms to making poached eggs in the woods with nothing but a dodgey frying pan and tap water. 

Getting involved with SHAAS has been an complete success and I have become far more involved than I ever thought would be. The first year involved with SHAAS was one of the steepest learning curves in my life. My wife,Tricia and children Sophie and Ben have all become keen participants and we are all counting down the days untill we can get back in the trenches.

Treasurer - Anthony Palmer, BA Oxon, MA Oxon, FGS

Anthony (Tony) joined SHAAS at the start of their digging activities and took part in the initial SHAAS dig in Brokes Wood. Tony has a BA and MA in Geology from Oxford University and is a Fellow of the British Geological Society, as well as having a BA in Archaeological Studies from the University of Kent. Tony has considerable experience in field archaeology gained from working with local archaeology teams and with the University of Kent for more than 10 years. In addition to his role as treasurer, Tony will also be a trench supervisor for the field work at Honnington Farm.

"Being able to work with a local community archaeological project allows me to help local volunteers to develop their archaeological skills, and hopefully to enrich our knowledge of our local heritage and history."

Secretary- Jane Clark, MA

Jane discovered archaeology when her second son was born. Evening classes in Classical and Archaeological Studies culminated in a degree which she then followed up with an MA in Artefact Studies from the Institute of Archaeology. Jane joined SHAAS to have the opportunity to learn about the archaeology of her home town and meet other local enthusiasts. Jane is a part of the research team which have conducted visits to the Tunbridge Wells museum.

"Joining SHAAS has been a fantastic experience for me. It has been great fun to meet such a lovely bunch of people with a common interest in their local heritage."

Community Engagement Officer - Jonathan Lee

J, ex-boxer and GB team triathlete, possesses an unlikely mix for one walking the corridors of the erudite. He was encouraged to explore a degree path by the Head of Humanities at Bristol University. To ensure he could finally write these strange notions of further education and a degree into his "never happened history," he applied for a degree in Archaeology and Classics at University of Kent.

Archaeology has become a driving passion of mine and I thoroughly enjoy skulking around ploughed fields spurious ditches and hedgerows. I have given presentations on the role of archaeology in the modern world and the wish to enthuse other about it has bitten deep within.

Membership Secretary - Di Drummond

Di has been interested in history since a kid, the more ancient the better. After a varied career in graphic design, community art, adult education, managing a charity and now as an artist, field archaeology gets her outside putting all sorts of skills to the test.

'We are really lucky having a local community dig. I'm leaning a lot of practical skills and love uncovering even the slightest marks in the ground. I do hope the new season is as interesting as the last and can't wait to try out my new trowel.'

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