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July 10th 2020:
We are now able to dig on a very limited basis:
no more than 6 people, social distancing etc, following Government Covid guidance.

Only  regular members are currently digging and they should inform Tony (Chairperson) that they want to attend.
If you are desparate to dig or visit the site, please contact us via the contact page.
The AGM (due April) is also postponed and will be held later in the year.

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Like us on Facebook to stay up to date
on all the SHAAS events
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clay pipe 2019.jpg

Mid 19th Century Clay Pipe with maker’s initials on the foot of the pipe

                                                               Digital Week

                                                         July 11th-19th 2020

Due to the current virus situation we are unable to open the site to visitors this year. So we have put together a short video showing our latest excavation and finds.

Please click on full screen expand button, bottom right of video. (No sound).










SHAAS is your local Community Archaeology society, set-up as a non-profit organisation to identify, record, safeguard and promote the archaeological heritage of the Southborough Valley and surrounding areas.

Our investigations have covered a wide range of sites, from Iron Age metal working, through Medieval farming and into a Georgian and Victorian industrial complex, with new and exciting sites planned for the future.

Our goals are achieved through performing local archaeological excavations, with the aim of educating, training and providing access to a wide range of archaeological techniques for those interested within the local community. In addition to excavations, members can undertake desktop research (hunting for old records and information online), field walking, metal detecting and other heritage surveys.

Each year we select a local site to investigate and answer specific questions about the life and times of the site and how it contributed to the local environment. At our current site, the presence of Georgian and late Victorian bottles, supported by diverse Victorian finds, tells us that the site was probably being used by the local community for over a century for industrial and domestic usage.

As an example of multiple strands of evidence providing valuable information, in our current dig we also discovered an almost intact Clay Pipe, whose maker's mark allowed us to date the find to the mid Nineteenth century as the pipe maker was based in Tonbridge and only active from 1846 to 1851. The pipe maker’s details were identified through desktop research, and helps us to date the

festival of archeology logo.jpg

pipe and by association the layer in which it was discovered, probably dropped by someone linked with the final phases of the railway and local viaduct construction.

Our digging season is typically April through September, with the digs taking place each Sunday (weather permitting). The images below show the same trench from one Sunday to the next Sunday during last summer, with a particularly heavy down pour, between the two weekends.

trench 2019 dry.jpg
trench 2019 wet.jpg

“A week in the life of a trench. Bailing out again”

In addition to the primary annual excavation, we support local organisations that also have an interest in the history of Southborough (see community). These activities have included providing practical Archaeology taster events with the Kent High Weald Trust Project focused on Southborough Common. Participation in the annual Heritage Week in September.

We also aim to educate and enthuse children, families and adults who have an interest in history and archaeology to explore their heritage. SHAAS can offer practical taster sessions for families and groups such as Scouts and Home Education groups and also undertakes primary schools visits. Our volunteers have a wealth of knowledge that contributes to our excavations and research: they welcome the opportunity to share it with the local community.

Experienced SHAAS leaders ensure that our community excavations follow Archaeological Best Practise and take responsibility for recording and documenting the sites for the benefit of future Southborough residents.

SHAAS membership benefits include: practical excavation training and experience, access to SHAAS excavation reports and research and an opportunity to learn from the experience of other volunteer amateur and professional archaeologists and historians. You are welcome to come and visit our current site for a taster session. However, should you decide to join us regularly we ask that you become a member please, so you are covered by our insurance. Annual membership fees are currently £5 for an individual and £10 for a family, which helps to pay for insurance and equipment costs. (see membership)

We look forward to your joining our society and to pursue new and interesting locations around Southborough as we uncover our history and heritage, and we hope you will join us for our next dig season.

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