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2016 Honnington Farm - Medieval Fruit Processing Facility

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1801 Mudge map of Kent.PNG

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The Honnington Farm site (Vauxhall Lane) was excavated based on the findings of a geophysical survey, which indicated a rectangular magnetic anomaly (30m x 20m) located parallel to the edge of an old orchard and next to a trackway leading from Southborough to Tonbridge The outcome of the excavation was that the rectangular magnetic anomaly matched the position of a late 19th Century deposit of CBM (Ceramic Building Materials) which contained magnetised material. Based on the location and age of the site, one possible scenario was that the site represented a wooden barn, located at the edge of the orchard and next to a trackway, where produce was collected, packaged and sent to Tonbridge for shipment to London via the then newly established railway.