If you can't manage a whole day, don't worry, arrangements are fairly informal and we are happy for you to give as much time as you can manage. We have the facility to store equipment at the site and tools can be provided, although for those who wish to come regularly we would recommend investing in your own trowel. There will be one or more supervisors on site and instruction can be given to those new to archaeology. Please be aware that the digging can be physically demanding, so be prepared to roll your sleeves up.


We recommend that you bring a packed lunch. There will be facilities on site to prepare teas and coffees.

We do not charge a daily excavation fee, however there is a small annual fee to join the Group which is a requirement. The current joining fee is £5 a year or £10 for a family membership. So, if you have ever enjoyed an episode of Time Team but never got your hands dirty, this could be your chance to pick up the trowel!

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